Myrealestatestore.ca is a group of Real Estate Professionals with different backgrounds that come together to assist clients and customers in the process of buying and/or selling property in Ontario. Understanding a new generation of buyers and sellers, our online and offline services are focused on assisting our clients and customers in a professional, well-informed, personal, and efficient way, placing their interests first.

Working with a network of professionals in related areas, myrealestatestore.ca offers complete services to its clientele when investing in any form of real estate. Myrealestatestore.ca has been designed to allow our customers and clients to find properties in an easy, fast, enjoyable manner.

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Sandip Chook 
Managing Partner & Senior Sales Representative
By keeping a close eye on the current trends and market of the real estate market in the GTA and surrounding areas, Sandip has managed to offer his clients exceptional guidance throughout the entire process of purchasing and selling a home.

His high energy and desire to help his clients allows him to build unique relationships with them and fellow industry professionals. This gives him the ability to understand their needs and finding creative solutions for each clients’ portfolio, ensuring they find the right home. His background in sales and financial planning has positioned him as a trustworthy and professional Agent who continuously expands his network of loyal clients and referrals.

When he’s not cheering on the Toronto Raptors, in his free time he enjoys checking out new local restaurants and enjoying neighbourhood festivals.

Jessica Chook 
Business Development Manager | Sales Representative

Jessica is a fun and bubbly personality. Her appetite for fine cuisine allows her to explore different areas of the city, resulting in her passion for real estate.

Having an educational background in Business Commerce with a specialization in Human Resources, Jess understands Real Estate on the business side as well as the consumer side- being able to connect with her clients, business partners and alike.

Having sales experience, Jess appreciates the time sensitiveness of the Real Estate industry. Because of this, she is highly active in the market- looking for phenomenal opportunities for her investors, first time home buyers, repeat home buyers and of course, her rental clientele.

When Jess is not trying new foods or looking for real estate opportunities, you'll most likely find her along the beaches in a dog park, with her pupp Teddy.

 Alice Prince 
Sales Representative
Alice has an earnest appreciation for her chosen profession. She doesn’t take lightly the fact that clients trust her to be a steady hand- and a source of empathy and passion- to hold onto through something as life changing as a move.

Growing up in Durham Region and living during her formative years in Toronto while now raising her own family in Newmarket, Alice has her finger on the GTA’s pulse. Her sincere and candor nature is something her family and friends love about her, and that sets her apart in the industry.

While her enthusiasm and fun-loving personality are what make her an esteemed character in the industry, her steadfast work ethic and drive to provide cutting-edge experiences is bar none.

Her appreciation for real estate, design and architecture is entrenched deeply within her due to her parents- who have a sophisticated talent in construction and design, giving her a full scope of the building process.

Erin Blaak
Sales Representative
Erin spent 5 years travelling for business before she started in the world of real estate. 

 With her extensive background in marketing, design, networking and incredible eye for design - real estate was the perfect transition. Now, with all of her experience in the industry,  her love of people, culture, languages  and homes, she brings excellent understanding and very strong negotiation skills to the table.

Working with buyers and sellers from all over the world, she brings a very strong skill set into all aspects of purchasing and selling.
Dawood Khan  
Sales Representative
Dawood specializes in residential, commercial, and investment properties in Toronto and the Durham regions. He has vast experience working with investors in finding the perfect property that gives his client a high return on their investment.

Dawood is much more than a Realtor®, he is also a sincere friend, who will build long lasting relationships with a foundation built on trust that has endured well beyond the closing of a sale. He is ridiculously responsive, 24/7/365, and in the words of one client, “Dawood Khan will make your viable dreams an instant reality!”.

Dawood is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service possible. He will listen intently and match you or your family with the perfect property in your ideal neighborhood. In order to sell your property at the best value, Dawood will create a tailored marketing plan while guiding you every step of the way from listing to closing.
When Dawood isn’t busy helping his clients attain their dream home, he loves creating/editing videos, watching basketball and travelling to exotic destinations.